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XP in Cincinnati

The Jan 7th 2003 meeting of the Cincinnati XP Users Group was a a Test-Driven Development workshop to provide hands on experience with pair programming and developing software test-first.

The group was split between Java and .NET programmers with one holdout for using Ruby (ummm ... that would have been me). Mark Halloran consented to pairing with me, even though he hadn't used Ruby before.

Mark Windholtz played the role of customer and provided us with three stories over the course of the evening.

Since many of the folk at the meeting were new to Test Driven Development, I thought I would reconstruct this "blow by blow" description of the path that my pair partner and I took that evening. Although we did it in Ruby, the code is easy to follow and I provide comments throught out so that even Ruby neophytes are not left out.

You can find the final result of Tuesday night here. The code produced by this reconstruction is almost identical, although the unit tests vary a bit.



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