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Most content on this site is covered by a Creative Content License. Materials not covered by this license will be explicitly noted (for example, most of the code is offered under one of the Open Source/Free Software licenses).

This Creative Commons license essentially says that you have permission to use the material covered by the license for non-commericial purposes as long as you attribute it to the author (that would be me). Click on the Creative Commons graphic for all of the details.

Of course, this only applies to the material written by me (Jim Weirich). Material written by others will be covered by their own copyrights.

Check out the Creative Commons web site. They have a number of different licences available, and they do a good job of explaining them. There may be a license there that suites your needs.

EDIT: This is an archived Version of Jim Weirich's Blog. If anyone takes offense by having Jim's Blog content online, please contact archive@onestepback.org

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